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The most important goal of the Graduate School on Engineering Mechanics is the formation and education of graduate students to become independent researchers in the field of Engineering Mechanics. In accordance with this, the Graduate School offers a national four years training program for PhD students in the field of Engineering Mechanics. It consists of a programmatic part and a PhD research project, accompanied by a personal plan of education and supervision per PhD student.

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Subscribing to the EM Graduate School may benefit you in several ways. You keep up with the national and international standards and trends, you complying to the KNAW trends and rules, you extend your knowledge, widen your scope and you improve your CV!

Online Registration

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In order to receive a certificate you need to meet the following conditions:
  • You need a total of 15 ECTS:
    • EM course and workshops organized by EM: minimum share = 8 ECTS Recognized external courses organized by external graduate schools of institutes Master courses given by each of the local institutes: these courses are existing specific courses needed to patch missing skills in the training of a PhD student, as required for his/her particular project. The exam is compulsory and has to be passed: maximum 5 ECTS
  • You must have attended the EM symposium at least 2 times during your PhD contract, in order to apply for the certificate.
  • You can apply for the certificate by using the application form
  • Extra Credit Points: Additional courses such as presentation skills, technical writing, etc. can also be listed on the certificate

    Overview recognized courses

  • The course must be recognized by the EM graduate school
  • The courses have to be attended completely to receive the amount of credit points for the course
  • The ECTS-equivalent of each course is 0,5 ECTS per day

    Recognized external courses are

  • CISM courses
  • Course Nonlinear FEM (Belytschko and Hughes)
  • GrasMech courses
  • Graduate courses Burgers Centre
  • Graduate courses DISC
  • More recognized courses you can find under the following link: http://www.em.tue.nl/member/index.php/5

    Other external courses (e.g. pre-conference)

  • Ask for approval to EM before subscribing, by handing over the full course programme and the application form (see attachments)
  • Signed confirmation of your promoter to be sent to EM secretariat
  • Signed proof of attendance to be sent to EM secretariat