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Regular membership - Group based

The regular membership of the Graduate School Engineering Mechanics is based on the admittance of a 3TU research group to become a group member of the School. The membership of a group is based on three criteria:
  • Research programme of the group
  • Scientific performance and quality
  • Expectation for intergration in the graduate school
Group based members of EM either fall in one of the following categories:
  • Faculty members Faculty members are junior (assistant professor) or senior (associate or full professor) researchers appointed at the research groups by one of the respective universities. As a member of the Graduate School EM, faculty members are expected to actively contribute to the knowledge dissemination (PhD course programme) and knowledge exchange (EM symposium).
  • Post-Docs Post-Docs are young researchers with a PhD degree, who actively contribute to research projects in the participating research groups. They can take benefit of the EM course programme and they are expected to participate and contribute to the yearly EM symposium. They can also play an active role in the Graduate school, by assisting in the PhD educational programme.
  • PhD-students
PhD students are the research members of the Graduate school, aiming to obtain a PhD with the support of the Graduate School and the educational part thereof. The PhD projects are proposed by the supervisors and typically fit within the scope of the EM research topics. PhD students belonging to member groups are admitted to the Graduate School on proposal of one of the supervising faculty members (also EM member). They are expected to fully attend the EM course programme for 20 ECTS and they are expected to participate and contribute to the yearly EM symposium.

MSc student membership

Excellent MSc students from an EM research group that are following a MSc PhD Graduate programme or who have been identified as potential PhD students in the master phase already, can be admitted as a MSc student member of the EM Graduate School. These students need to be registered in one of the adhering Master programmes of the EM graduate school. MSc student members can be admitted to the Graduate School upon nomination of the MSc/PhD supervisors (EM members). Admittance implies that MSc student members are allowed to participate in the EM PhD educational programme and the EM symposium.

Associate Membership - idividually based

Individual faculty members who are not part of an EM research group can be admitted to the Graduate School as an associate member. They can also propose a maximum of 2 PhD students or Post-Docs to become an associate (PhD student or Post-Doc) member. Note that only 1 faculty member from a group can be an associate member. A larger participation in EM necessitates a group membership. Associate members of EM can be (1) researchers from a non EM research group of 3TU, (2) researchers from Dutch non 3TU research groups that have an established scientific track record of high quality in engineering mechanics or (3) established researchers of high quality from a non Dutch group. The associate membership implies that Associate members can participate in all EM events, including its educational programme. Associate members (faculty, Post-Doc or PhDs) have to contribute financially to the activities (including EM courses) in which they participate.

Industrial Memberschip

Companies and institutes with long-term research activities in the field of the Graduate School can request an industrial membership of the Graduate School Engineering Mechanics. The industrial membership grants full and free access to all courses of the EM course programme for research employees working in the company. Moreover, as an industrial member, researchers from these companies or institutes can attend the EM symposium, where they can also actively participate in the poster sessions. For registration at the symposium, the EM-researchers regular fee has to be paid. The industrial membership of a company or research institute involves a yearly financial contribution, and the individual contribution for participation to the EM-symposium. The level of the company and individual symposium fees are determined yearly by the governing board of the Graduate School.