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Graduate EM Courses

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Graduate EM Courses
The most important goal of the Graduate School on Engineering Mechanics is the formation and education of graduate students to become independent researchers in the field of engineering mechanics. In accordance with this, the Graduate School offers a national four- year training program for PhD students in the field of engineering mechanics. It consists of a programmatic part and a PhD research project, accompanied by a personal plan of education and supervision per PhD student.

The programmatic part of the training program covers about 20% of the four-year training program. The heart of it is formed by a joint series of EM graduate courses, in close connection with the selected research themes. PhD students of the EM Graduate School are required to take part in at least 50% of the joint courses, providing also an opportunity to keep track of developments in the engineering mechanics field outside their own focus of research.

EM graduate courses follow a general framework, which consists of two three-day clusters of lecturing, alternated with (computer or lab) exercises to obtain hands-on experience. In principle, staff members of the participating universities lecture the courses, supported by invited (international) experts (acting as guest lecturers) where relevant.

In addition to the joint graduate EM courses the programmatic part contains an individually composed course program with elective courses offered by the different participating groups .

Furthermore, participation in workshops and summer schools under guidance of foreign visiting lecturers forms part of it, as well as practical work at foreign top institutes.

It is remarked that students from sister graduate schools like JMBC, DISC and GRASMECH may participate in the joint courses of the EM Graduate School, provided room for participants from the sister schools is left. On the other hand, students from the EM Graduate School may participate in the courses of the sister graduate schools.

A listing of all graduate EM courses can be seen here.